Williston Area Builders Association


Join Your Friends and Colleagues For a Night of Fun Benefiting a Great Cause - June 27-28, 2017

June 15, 2017

    NDAB - PAC Summer Conference to be Held in Williston June 27-28, 2017 

When: Tuesday, June 27th - 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Where: McCody Concrete

Cost: $25 per person

The cost of $25 includes $25 in playing chips and unlimited appetizers along with a fun evening of networking with NDAB Members and ND elected officials and ND legislators.

PAC contributors will receive additional chips as follows:

  • Century Club                              $ 5
  • Dollar-A-Day Club                     $ 20
  • Gold Key Club                            $ 50
  • Platinum Club                            $ 150
  • Capitol Club                               $ 300

At the end of the evening the chips will be used to by items from a live auction.

The fun starts at 5:30 PM.  The state bean bag competition finals will take place from 6-7:00 PM (make sure to cheer on your favorite organization!)  When the bean bag finals are done the casino games will begin!

If you are quick to lose your chips, don't worry your donation to PAC can always get you more!